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The Sake Kampai website below is managed by Sake Kampai Project Team. To use the website, please ensure you have read, understood and agree to all the terms and conditions as stated below.

Regarding Copyrights

All texts, graphics images, photographs and information are copyrighted. It is prohibited to download and use any texts, graphics images, photographs and information through any electronic media or on printed materials without obtaining prior consent from Sake KAMPAI Project Team.

Any articles, photographs, illustrations uploaded by Sake Project team on this website are protected by the copyright law.

Sake KAMPAI Project team owns the copyrights for any materials on this website.The rights of Copyrights for posts or materials submitted belong to original authors. It is prohibited to use their work and data without obtaining the original authors’ permission.


Although every effort is made to ensure that this site posts accurate information, it does not necessary guarantee them. There is a possibility of changing, suspending or deleting an article without notice.

When moving from this page to a website operated by another party through links etc, we can not and will not assume any responsibilities for the movement nor any responsibilities at the destination website.

Recommended browsers

Regarding browsers

Below are the recommended browsers for this website
Windows:Internet Explorer / Firefox / Chrome Latest version
MacOS:Safari Latest version / Firefox / Chrome Latest version

Using JavaScript

We use the program “JavaScript”for reasons such as making it easier for users to operate and making information easier to find. If the “JavaScript” is disabled in the browser, the operation intended by user may not be able to perform properly and the target page may not be viewable. When using this website, please enable the “JavaScript” function.

Personal Privacy Protection

Personal information received at the time of posting will be used for the purpose of inquiries by secretariat, such as delivering prizes, distributing information by sending emails, creating statistical materials without identifying individuals. We carry out reasonable technical measures for personal information collected, making effort to prevent unauthorized intrusion of personal information, loss of personal information, tampering, leakage, etc. We will not provide or disclose to third parties any of your information other than to organizations that have obtained your consent. (An exception will be when disclosure is requested by law)

Access log

On this site, we will collect information such as user’s IP address, browers used, reference page, time, etc from Access Log. These information will be used to check the trends of how this site is being used, trends of users as well as for the maintenance of this site. We will not use any information collected from Access Log as personal information.


For any inquiries on this website, please email to

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