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How to post on Facebook.

  1. Please like our project’s official Facebook page at
  2. Take a picture of yourself having a kampai with sake.
  3. Please post the number of people toasting, the place, and (any) comment with an image attached on the official Facebook page’s timeline.

How to post on Instagram.

  1. Please install the app and follow the official account (@sake.kampai).
  2. Take a picture of yourself having a kampai with sake.
  3. Please post the image to hashtag “sakekampai” along with the number of people toasting, the place, and (any) comment.

* Please post a picture of a kampai with sake. We will not consider photos of beer, wine, and other kinds of alcohol.
* Photos with no visible persons or with an unknown number of people will count as having one person.

Posting agreement

Please make sure to read the following details on posting your toasting pictures. Any post with our Instagram hashtag “#”, or like on this project’s official Facebook page, will be considered as consenting to the terms of this agreement. If, by any chance, you do not agree to these terms, then please terminate your entry. We will be strictly maintaining Instagram’s and Facebook’s user agreement’s and posting rules.

  1. Posted pictures must have been taken by the poster, or those that accompanied them, and must not have been posted and must not be part of any plans to be posted in the future.
  2. Posts are to be limited to those 20 and older. You cannot post pictures of minors. Also, those toasting in the pictures must be over 20 years of age.
  3. We prohibited the posting of pictures with content or comments that are against the law, and outside of public order and decency. If this office makes such a judgment, we may take the photo or comment down without the informing the poster.
  4. The poster must take on the personal responsibility for gaining permission from the subjects and locations in their photos. Those in the picture take should be informed of the picture’s intended use, and posters absolutely must gain their permission before posting.
  5. While the copyright of the picture posted belongs to the photographer, we may use the photo without advance approval, for this project’s web, print materials, and other media without compensation for secondary use. Also, the copyright holder shall be considered as agreeing not to exercise their copyright in regard to this project.
  6. While we manage this project with the utmost caution, we cannot guarantee completeness, propriety, safety, usability, etc., in all aspects of this project’s sponsored information, programs, various services, etc. This project shall bear no responsibility for any losses incurred by third parties.
  7. This project shall not bear any responsibility for any troubles or losses (regardless of direct or indirect), etc., incurred by the poster following their post.
  8. This project may change or be cancelled without any advance notice.
  9. This agreement may be revised without notice. If that occurs, it will take effect the moment it is posted on our page.
  10. In this agreement governing Japanese laws will apply, and in any disagreements regarding this project, the Tokyo District Court shall be the first court with exclusive jurisdiction.
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